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PRO-Link Spear Warranty

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Limited Warranty Guidelines†

PRO-Link spears are designed to move hay. Independent comparison testing has shown PRO-Link spear products to be equal or superior to any spear made in the world.  All PRO-Link spear products come with a one year limited warranty.  In order to maintain a fair and reasonable warranty policy, guidelines are as follows:



  • Is the spear black? (All PRO-Link Spears are painted black.)
  • Has the paint been worn off?
  • Does the spear have a fluted or square body?
  • Must have part number and lot number stamped into the body.



  • If a spear is bent and is within the warranty period, it is eligible for no cost replacement or credit.
  • Broken spears without visible or hardness defects are not eligible for warranty replacement.
  • Broken threads are the result of the spear being allowed to flex.  This is only caused by failure to keep the nut tight or the spear has been installed in another mfg. sleeve.  Areas of uneven wear within the tapered portion of the spear indicate the use of a non-PRO-Link sleeve*.  This type of breakage is outside of the manufacturers guidelines and is not covered under warranty.



  • Full warranty replacement or credit is limited to 180 days from date of sale to end user.  Any warranty considerations between 180 days to 365 days will only be warrantied on a pro-rated basis.  Spears with a date of sale beyond 1 year or without proof of purchase are not eligible for warranty credit.
  • Broken spears will only be warrantied if there is a visible flaw in the steel or they fail a hardness test.
  • All warranty requests must include the name and address of the end user and a copy of their sales receipt. The customer information is only used for tracking purposes and will not be used to market directly to your customers.

Warranty requests should be submitted via online form.  We will also need digital pictures and proof of sale (to the end user).  Documentation should be emailed to  You may also ship the damaged spear to PRO-Link (at your expense) to be examined. At PRO-Link’s discretion, damaged spears meeting warranty guidelines will be replaced and shipped pre-paid by PRO-Link to the customer or the customer account will be credited for the amount of the spear at time of purchase.

*Tapered Spears should be installed with 300 foot lbs. of torque.  We recommend applying a product like lock tight on the threads to maintain torque.  Many times, manufacturer’s sleeves may vary on their internal taper.  When tapers do not match the spear, they fluctuate in the sleeve and create stress on the neck of the spear.  This will cause a break at the base of the threads.  Either issue is usually seen by uneven wear marks on the taper of the spear.

†PRO-Link makes every effort to provide the best possible price and customer service to our dealers.  If you have any questions regarding this warranty or whether or not to warranty a particular item, we will be happy to assist you in making determinations.  Office hours are from 8:30 to 4:30 M –F.  Call toll free 855-361-5987, ask for Lane or Don.

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