Why PRO-Link Farm Forks?


  • Two step shot blasting provides a better surface and an excellent finish.
    Farm Fork Heel Guard®

    Heel Guard® = extra life + extra strength

  • Clear cold stamping on the shank indicating the fork pedigree and capacity ratings.
  • Inner heel treatment removes possible edges and other imperfections.
  • Conforms to ISO2328 and ISO2330 pairing tolerances.
  • Dye penetrant testing at the heel and weld ultrasonic testing are performed to guarantee no external or internal cracks.
  • Tested to guarantee a 3:1 safety rating.
  • Material analyzation to ensure the correct steel formulation.
  • The Heel Guard® on our Farm Forks creates great value!  The life and strength of your fork is determined by the thickness at the heel of the fork.  With additional material at the heel, the life of the fork can be doubled when replacement is based on the loss of material at the heel.


  • A selection of ITA class II forks are in stock, but virtually any size can be ordered for you with quick turnaround.  Talk to us about a pre-order for your size and application needs and we will be happy to have them on hand to meet your supply needs.
    ITA fork diagram with table

    ITA fork table and diagram

  • A wide range of fork extensions are available for those load stabilization jobs!
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    Fork Extensions in a wide variety of sizes

  • Specialty forks are available!
    • Block Forks
    • Tire and Barrel Forks
    • Shaft and Square Hook Mounted Forks
    • Lumber/Plywood/Gypsum Forks
    • Bucket Fork Kits


  • Our personalized service keeps you in front of your customer’s needs instead of behind them.  We are able to work with specific requests on stocking levels and product demands.  Every effort is made to keep your supply line consistent and reliable.
  • Timely service helps you keep promises made to your customers.
  • Prices are specifically set to keep you in the game and profitable.  Price sensitivity in the agricultural market is key, and PRO-Link is the partner to help you maintain your margins.